Ports & Intermodals

Ports & Intermodals

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This vertical is very dear to the wavers, we have been at the forefront of technology strategy for ports across the region helping drive technological innovation in port operations.

With a tightly-knit worldwide economy increasingly focused on global supply chain efficiency, our cargo barcode scanning and other automated data collection solutions can help your port seize new opportunities and grow. Our data collection solutions equip your port workers to easily scan barcodes and input data to track and receive intermodal cargo containers.


System integrity is critical at ports. It requires 100% connectivity – from the point of decision to the point of activity. The crane-mounted and in-vehicle forklift computers will help your operators know where to go to receive and drop off ocean freight containers.  More than 300 ports around the world depend on mobile computers to track and move more TEUs safely and efficiently.


Mobile computers connect seamlessly via Wi-Fi or GPRS/UMTS for real-time operations. Their sunlight-readable displays and mappable function keys keep operators focused. They also simplify data entry for greater efficiency and safety. Whether operating a forklift to move containers or unloading and stacking freight with a crane, your port employees can depend on in-vehicle computers to easily view and input data.


Increasing security measures at gate check-in/check-out at ports and intermodal facilities may delay operations. A rugged hand-held mobile computers speed-up cargo data capture and control, thanks to their ergonomics and usability in any weather conditions.


Loading and unloading ships and moving and stacking containers are demanding jobs that require precision. Vehicle-mount computers provide crane operators with clear information, regardless of lighting and weather conditions, thanks to their large, bright and crisp displays.